Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t hasten the death process.

We provide an extra level of care, and we do assessments every week to see if there are any changes in health.

Before entering hospice, patients may be lucky to get a full assessment every 8-10 weeks with their primary care physicians. Our patients get a full assessment each week to observe any changes in their condition.

At Comfort & Peace Hospice,

  • We do not ignore symptoms
  • We treat infections
  • We want your loved one to live in comfort, peace, and dignity with their family while natural causes take place.

Your loved one is never “stuck on hospice.”

If your loved one’s health improves and no longer meets the criteria for hospice care, your loved one will be discharged from hospice.  While we believe in hospice care, we are also happy when a patient no longer qualifies for hospice. We celebrate this beautiful reality! If a patient is no longer in need of hospice care, we feel great knowing that our team’s supervision, care, and support played an instrumental role in your loved one getting better. Your loved one will be discharged from hospice if the goal changes from comfort care to aggressive and curative treatment of the terminal disease. We will support whatever decision you make.

Medicare and Medi-Cal and most private insurance plans cover 100% of hospice services.

There are no deductibles and no copays. We accept Medicare, Medi-Cal, and most private health insurance as payment in full; you will never see a bill from Comfort & Peace Hospice. We will be more than happy to look up your coverage.

How long may someone stay in hospice care?

It’s a common misconception that hospice care is short because someone does not go on hospice care until their last days.

  • Patients can receive hospice care as long as they “meet” the Medicare hospice criteria
  • Hospice care is typically 6 months or less. If the physician determine that a patient is in decline, hospice care can be extended beyond 6 months.

Is hospice care only for seniors?

No. We have had the honor and privilege of serving patients from 18 years and above.

Is hospice care only for cancer patients?

No. We serve patients with all types of conditions and diagnoses. Our staff is fully trained to provide compassionate care to patients with different diagnoses.

What is covered under hospice care?

We cover everything related to comfort, pain management, and support for your loved one. This includes our Comfort & Peace Hospice Team:

  • Hospice Medical Directors 
  • Registered Nurse Case Managers 
  • Certified Home Health Aide
  • Medical Social Workers
  • Chaplains and Spiritual Advisors
  • Volunteers

Need More Support? Comfort & Peace Hospice brings in specialized support based on your comfort needs:

  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist 
  • Speech Therapists
  • Dietitians

In addition to care, Comfort & Peace Hospice coordinates and provides durable medical equipment, medical supplies such as adult briefs, wipes, protective creams, gloves, etc., and medications.

Who can refer to hospice care?

Anyone can contact us to talk about hospice. In order to start care, we can work with your physician to get approval to begin hospice.

Can we keep our doctor during hospice care?

Yes. We coordinate and collaborate with the patient’s primary care physician to provide total care for your loved one.

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